O aproveitamento da água na Ilha da Madeira

Utilisation of Water in Land of Madeira

HDCAM 1080p
Silent from 4’

Estreno Internacional en FRACTO – Experimental Film EncounterSelection programme #15 “Flowing” ACUD Cinema & Studio Berlin 27 de mayo de 2o18
“O aproveitamento da água na Ilha da Madeira” is a film in which I attempted to do “in camera editing” within digital device. Takes duration and order are preserved in the final cut. That said, the film records a series of experiments filming a book entitled “Utilisation of water in land of Madeira”, filming hydrangea and exploring the relation between sight, camera movements, flowers and water. Shot during 2017 (S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico, in between screenings.

Realización, imagen y sonido:
Bruno Delgado Ramo

Localizaciones: Plaza de Pontevedra, A Coruña y Rúa Arao Común, Oleiros