Like A Nítida Cascade De Color Et Son

Film-based environment and object display

Espacio Santa Clara, Sevilla
‘Gabinete kino-okno’ project

Super8mm and 16mm projectors, films in loop, optical sound, external speaker, windows and blinds, ‘Afiches’ publication series, colour gels, Zenit Quarz cameras, bilingual dictionaries, 35mm slides, slide projector
Film-based exhibition and showcase series in photochemical format, part of the project kino ~ okno / cineventana in Seville. 
The project kino ~ okno / cineventana is a process of inquiry into the window of the  constructed space as a filmic frame and the camera or projector window (gate) (and therefore the frame and the projection) as spatial devices, proposing that all these rectangular holes can be considered as devices that isolate light and sound.
The exhibit and screening series aims to establish in the city a space for the exhibition of the moving image defending its genuine photochemical and optomechanical roots.