Un baile con Fred Abstrait

2o2o, 27min, Super-8mm projection print, 100m, 18fps, 1.48:1, colour, silent
Showcased in 2o21 at La Casa Encendida/Pasajes Filmadrid (Madrid);
in 2o2o at Taipei Contemporary Art Center (JUN); Pesaro Film Festival (AGO); Image Forum, Tokyo (OCT);

In 2o21 at: Facultad BBAA, Cuenca (FEB); Blitz#34, Zumzeig, Barcelona (FEB); (S8) Mostra de cinema periferico, A Coruña (JUN); PIX Film Gallery, Toronto (OCT);
In 2o22 at EXF.F tage des experimentellen films Frankfurt (SEP)
Prologue of the previous work Una película en color, dealing with similar matters and device, expanding the scope of procedures.
Seeking to explore the relationship between camera and room, between frame and window, the footag isin-camera, in-room edited, thus, the order and length of the shots contained in each 50 feet film cartridge are preserved. Both the room and the window embody the isolation of light. Among other possibilities, Un baile con Fred Abstrait could be watched as an abstract room parody of a Fred Astaire’s musical comedy and Una película en color as a colour palette taken as a method
„ My room is situated in latitude 48º east, according to the measurement of Father Beccaria. It lies east and west, and, if you keep very close to the wall, forms a parallelogram of thirty-six steps round. My journey will, however, be longer than this; for I shall traverse my room up and down and across, without rule or plan. I shall even zig-zag about, following, if needs be, every possible geometrical line. I am no admirer of people who are such masters of their every step and every idea that they can say To-morrow I shall make three calls, write four letters, and finish this or that work “.
(Xavier de Maistre, A Journey Round my Room, chapter IV, p. 11)