Una fuerte imaginación produce el acontecimiento

A strong imagination begets the event itself

Film environment, approx. dimensions 5x5m Super-8 strips and colour gelatine mounted on 35mm slide frames, Super-8 (loop 1’, 18fps, colour, silent), door painted in light blue- green with metallic passage set, door closer, magnifier creating a „camera obscura“ effect on the wall (the spectator on the door is projected)

< presented at Sala Amadís, part of „Ayudas INJUVE a la creación joven 18-19“ group show

Fortis imaginatio generat casum — Michel de Montaigne

Both, the room and the camera, can be understood grosso modo as dark spaces with holes (window and diaphragm) through which light comes in. Between the camera and the walls, between the lenses and the window, between the furniture and the room, between a rock and a hard place.
The door turns into the shutter, the magnifier the lense and the wall the frame support. The project is inspired by Michel de Montaigne description of his stay at his tower studio and the imagination it allows.