2o19, 7min, Super-8mm projection print, 32m, 18fps, 1.48:1, colour, magnetic-sound

Voice: Polina Akhmetzyanova


MAR2o2o / Light Field (San Francisco) / Programme curated by Patricia Ledesma Villon
JUN2o2oTaipei Contemporary Art Center (Taiwan) / Double bill with Esperanza Collado
Conceived as a diptych, the first part consists of an unexposed old Super 8 magnetic-stripped Kodachrome Sound. In-camera recorded, a voice reads a text which describes what it is about to be seen in the second half. This text was written before the footage was processed in the attempt to remember what was seen through the viewfinder.
The second half consists of a silent fresh Super 8 stock exposed to light. A sort of spot-the-difference between the verbal abstract description and the pictures, both halves take place at the same location.