Doble capa


120x120mm / 300 copies / fountain pen on double-layered paper napkin, blue ink, numbering, rubber stamp

Doble capa / Double layer is an event specifically conceived for “Spain is
Art”, Art Brussels’ Gallery Night at the Official Residence of the Embassy of Spain in Belgium.
The artist dialogues with the environment and the diplomatic and protocol practices of the Embassy. In this instance, the focal point lies in the “official” napkins provided along with the aperitif which originally have the Spain’s coat of arms stamped in blue ink. The intervention consists in a hand-drawn copy of the stamp but in the second paper layer of the napkin.
While folded, the drawing is seen as blurry shadow around the stamp. A fountain pen is used for this aim trying to address a particularly imperfect copy of the coat of arms, since the ink spreads out of control throughout the napkin fabric once the pen’s point touches it. Each napkin is stamp-numbered.