Sugerencia de presentación

„Projektion in Projektionsaft“

2o21, duration variableSequence of actions performed prior to a screening

Magnetic-stripped Super-8mm film (length variable, 18fps, magnetic sound), two S8mm projectors, KARBA projektiontisch, Elmo rewinding arms, mobile speaker, CIR S8mm splicer, sound and power cables

Photo series: 6x6 B&W negative, 30x30cm fibre-base enlargements
Performed in 2o21 at:
Facultad BBAA, Cuenca (FEB); La Casa Encendida, Pasajes Filmadrid, Madrid (MAY); (S8) Mostra de cinema periferico, A Coruña (JUN);
Cinéma La Clef, Paris, Revue Les Saisons (JUL); PIX Film Gallery (OCT);
In 2o22 at EXF.F tage des experimentellen films Frankfurt (SEP)
A projection in its original form. The conventions of cinema exhibition are disarticulated –the audience is presented with the very elements of cinema, disassembled. The projectionist and the cinema attendant in the spotlight. Projection in projection sauce.