Make It Make It Make It Again (The smell of bananas)

2017, performance / 30’ / In collaboration with Ignacio de Antonio Antón

Performed at El Ranchito Open Studio (Matadero Madrid)

Preview online:
(contraseña: banana)
Make It Make It Make It Again [The smell of bananas] inquires into the conditions of production of performance, considering and enhancing the ambiguities that the artistic practice has in relation to labor and market logics. Some paradigms such as efficiency, efficacy, reproducibility, productivity, profitability problematize the encounter, the choreographic event, the theatrical experience.Repetition and reproduction have been fundamental to choreography, inside and outside the field of arts. How does a gathering of people, an instantaneous community – the first requirement for any performance to happen – relate to these concepts?
How does the contemporary production of works, which often depends on a number of circumstances – opportunities – modify the framework in which they occur?

Make It Make It Make It Again [The smell of bananas] is an itinerary through a collection of scenes built for a group of people who have come to an opening of an art exhibition. The images are only finished when the group completes them. So then, the images disappear gradually as we go on to the next one.